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Jinan Foreign Language School 

International Center

Sun Yuhan, Guo Tianyi are pre-admitted by Georgia Institute of Technology!

Liu Yangze, Yang Siqi and other 22 students are pre-admitted by the University of California, Irvine!

Cui Ruikai and Sun Haoran are pre-admitted by Rensselaer Institute of Technology!

Han Chang, Li Xinao and other 10 students are pre-admitted by the University of Washington!

Georgia Institute of Technology

Sun Yuhan               Chemistry and molecular bioengineering

Guo Tianyu              Architecture

University of California, Irvine

Liu Yangze              Social policy and public services  

Yang Siqi               Economics  

Wu Binhong             Economics  

Yin Yihan               Economics  

Gao Yatong             Economics  

Pang Yanni             Environmental engineering  

Ding Kaiti              Physics  

Zhang Enpei           Physics  

Wang Boyang          Physics  

Sun Yuhan            Biology  

Cui Ruoming          Bioscience  

Shen Zhou            Psychology  

Liu Ruilin            Psychology  

Zhao Guoxiang        Sociology  

Sun Yiyang           History  

Wei Tianshuo         Urban research  

Zhang Yanwen        Philosophy  

Cui Ruikai           Uncertain  

Wei Xianhui         Uncertain  

Chen Xiaoyu        Uncertain  

Liu Ziyi            Uncertain  

Zhao Zihan          Uncertain  

Zheng Haowen       Uncertain  

Zhao Hanqing        Uncertain

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Cui Kairui            Biology

Sun Haoran           Computer

University of Washington

Han Chang                      Business management  

Li Xinao                      Chemistry  

Yu Hang                      Mathematics  

Yin Yihan                     Economics  

Liu Ruilin                     Psychology  

Ding Kaiti                     Physics  

Li Taiqi       Environmental Science and Land Resource Management  

Luan Zhao                   Uncertain  

Wu Binhong                  Economics  

Li Songrui                    Applied mathematics  

Pang Yanni                   Environmental engineering  

Gao Yatong                   Economics


Jinan Foreign Language School International Center

The announced pre- admission info of the graduates of 2021


Comprehensive University in the USA:

Rice University1

University of Virginia:1

New York University:3

The University of Rochester:2

Georgia Institute of Technology2

University of Florida:9

University of California, Irvine24

Boston University:4

Brandys University:1

Northeastern University:2

University of Wisconsin:7

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:32

Rensselaer Institute of Technology4

Ohio State University:22

University of Washington:12

University of Massachusetts Amherst1

University of Minnesota Twin Cities3

Indiana University Bloomington: 1

American College of Arts and Sciences:

Grinnell College: 1

Vassar College:1

American Academy of Arts:

Parsons School of Design:1

Pratt College of Art:3

Comprehensive University in the UK:  

University of Cambridge: 2

Imperial College London:12

University College London:32

University of Edinburgh: 12

University of Manchester: 46

King’s Collage London: 26

University of Bristol: 17

University of Warwick: 26

Durham University: 11

The University of Sheffield4

University of Birmingham1

University of Southampton:6

Comprehensive University in Canada:

University of Toronto: 30

the University of British Columbia:3

Queen's University:11

Hong Kong, China:

University of Hong Kong: 26

City University of Hong Kong: 3


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