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Top 5% of the World! JNFLSIC shines in the American Math Competition(AMC)! Spread the Good News: Our


Top 5% of the World! JNFLSIC shines in the American Math CompetitionAMC! Spread the Good News: Our Students are on the List!


Recently, the results of 2021 AMC10 and AMC20 were announced: 7 students of JNFLSIC successfully entered the next level of competition (AIME) due to their excellent performance. In addition, Wang Tianyu and Zhang Siyuan ranked among the top 5% of the world and won the Honor Roll award.


Winner List of 2021 AIME


Grade    / Project

Wang Tianyu Honor Roll

(Top 5% of the world)

2020 A-Level

Zhang Siyuan Honor Roll

(Top 5% of the world)

2019 AP

Kan Tingyuan

2020 A-Level

Zhu Qingyu

2020 A-Level

 Ma Ziyong

2019 AP

Zhu Junyi

2019 A-Level

Shang Jiaming

2020 A-Level


The American Mathematics Competition (AMC) organized by the Mathematical Association of America began in 1950. More than 300,000 students from 6,000 schools all over the world participate in it today. It’s one of the most famous and prestigious mathematical competitions.

The AMC includes AMC8 , AMC10/12, AIME, and USAMO/USAJMO. AMC10/12 is mainly for high school students, and those who achieve excellent results in AMC10/12 can have the opportunity to enter the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME).

Our JNFLSIC (school code: CN5003) has become the first high school in Jinan invited to participate in the AMC since 2012. Our students had achieved excellent results frequently since we entered this competition. The results of AMC is acknowledged throughout the world, so it’s become an important tool for students not only to enrich the experience of international competition and improve their background for international learning and competition, but also to improve their competitiveness for their university applications.

Let’s see their testimonials:

I’ve prepared this competition for a very long time. I told myself to calm down and just regard this competition as an opportunity to improve myself and keep a regular attitude as well as master the correct learning methods. Only after you try your best, you will find: the investment of time and energy must be in direct proportion to the embodiment of the final result!

-------Zhang Siyuan

It’s my honor to participate in this competition with these excellent classmates. Thanks to my teachers for their hard work and cultivation.

I will continue keep a good attitude and habits to improve my mathematical skills and try my best to achieve better results in future competitions.

----Wang Tianyu

It’s my first time to participate in the AMC and get the chance to join AIME. It’s also has important meaning for students who plan to major in mathematics. Look back to this competition, it’s a pity to lose some marks for dealing with some problems incorrectly. I also conclude that I need to be more rigorous in the future and work harder and harder to face the new challenges and try my best to get better achievement.

-----Zhu Junyi

The first feeling of being able to break through the AMC, was unexpected and very happy at the same time. Thanks to the strong learning atmosphere of JNFLSIC and teachers' professional guidance, my math level has been significantly improved. There is no end to learning. In future study, I will keep up my efforts and move towards a higher goal!

---Shang Jiaming


I heard about the AMC before I went to high school, and I knew how difficult it was. Before participating in this AMC, I did not have any experience in math competitions. I was not sensitive to numbers and did not master many levels of problem-solving skills. I was lonely and brave to participate it because of my simple love for mathematics, and I was eager to achieve certain results in the AMC. In this competition, I stabilized my mind when the score in Volume A was not ideal, found and solved my own problems in time, and finally made a breakthrough in Volume B.

The most profound feeling about participating in AMC is that the hard work will pay off in the end.

----Zhu Qingyu

To be able to enter the AIME through the AMC12 competition is an affirmation and inspiration for my math study. No matter what kind of math competition or examination, one's own mathematical ability and capacity to flexibly use the knowledge learned to solve problems are the key.

The beauty of mathematics is hidden in textbooks and used in life.

Although this competition is over, the journey of learning mathematics has just begun. I hope to stand on the shoulders of giants and look out on a farther view.

-----Ma Ziyong


Congratulations, students! Look forward to you guys in the next AIME to show yourselves, improve your ability, shine in the broader international arena and to realize the dream!






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