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Global Gold Award! Students of JNFLSIC have achieved good results in the British Physics Olympiad!


Global Gold Award! Students of JNFLSIC have achieved good results in the British Physics Olympiad!

(group photo of some award-winning students)

A few days ago, the organizers of the 2020 British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) announced that nearly 2000 students from 310 international schools and key middle schools across the country participated in the competition.

The students of Jinan Foreign Language School International Center stood out for their outstanding achievements. Three students won the Global Gold Award and 10 students won the Global Bronze Award.

Great achievements have been made, and good achievements have been added.

Winners List of the 2020 British   Physics Olympiad (BPhO)



Global Gold

Lu Ziyue

Wang Zhenyu

Han Yuxuan

Global Bronze

Xue Wanning

Ma Ziyong

Wang Junxi

Shi Bowen

Wang Wenqing

Yun Hongxiang

Huang Yichen

Zhang Zhibo

Zhang Chengnuo

Lan Bowen


About the BPhO

The British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) began in 1979. The Olympiad’s Organizing Committee is mainly composed of the University of Oxford, the British Physics Society and the Ogden Foundation, with offices in the Physics Department of Oxford University. The BPhO attaches great importance to the flexible use of physics knowledge: all the test questions are proof questions. Students need to use their physics knowledge to complete the challenge, which involves a wide range of knowledge points.

Listen to the students' acceptance speeches and harvest the wisdom and strength of youth growth!

The BPhO is a very challenging competition, which has high requirements for the participants' knowledge, problem analysis ability and so on.

In the months of preparing for the competition, I have gained a lot, not only a variety of professional knowledge of physics, but also the most important physical thinking. I would also like to thank Mr. Ni. No matter how complicated the questions and knowledge points are, he can answer them for me patiently and have helped me a lot in the process of my preparation. Physics is not boring, as long as you learn it carefully and delve into it, you can find it is interesting. Observing the world from a physical point of view and explaining all kinds of physical phenomena in life can give you a unique sense of achievement.

------Han Yuxuan


In my opinion, the study of any subject should entail mastery of scientific learning methods. As far as physics is concerned, on the one hand, we should pay attention to the understanding and application of basic concepts, laws and formulas; on the other hand, the expansion of knowledge will cultivate our ability to analyze, deduce and think independently- and the expansion is far more important than the knowledge point itself.

Preparing for the competition is actually a very interesting process. From mechanics and geometry to electromagnetism and optics, the learning process has expanded my knowledge and increased my interest in physics. Although I will encounter a lot of difficulties, I can get the pleasure of solving problems and the satisfaction of exploration.

Seeking knowledge, exploring and persevering, these precious qualities gained in the competition will always inspire me to move forward.

----Wang Zhenyu


Live up to your love and have your own light

Congratulations again to the winners!

Hoping you can continue to surpass yourselves and pursue excellence to meet the new challenges!

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