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The Full-English version of the Voice was a wonderful performance! Their voices are so promising!


The Full-English version of the Voice was a wonderful performance! Their voices are so promising!

Follow The Little Prince in a journey among the stars and return to the warmth of childhood.

Learn how to love and cherish from Frozen and Beauty and the Beast

Feel a different kind of elegant demeanor in the The Villains Lair-Tough Love and and Wreck it Ralph ...

The explosion scene of the all-English version of the International Center. Let's take a look at the wonderful performance of the students!

With the song of Love, What A Wonderful World , The 6th JNFLSIC Dubbing contest is beginning.

The emcee appears on the stage, and the classic reappears.


2019 A-Level

Xu Yifan/ Wang Ziyi /Han Tianjiao /Sha Yinuo/ Chen Yuyan

The wickedness of the stepmother, the bitterness of the sisters and the kindness and courage of Cinderella have become lifelike under the interpretation of the five students, recreating the familiar classic fairy tales for us.

The Villains Lair-Tough Love

2020 A-Level

 Zhou Yufei/ Su Ruinan/ Xue Ruiwan/ Zhang Cancan

2019 A-Level

Qiao Jingwei/Ji Yuanjin/ Liu Chang/ Ren Liu/ Liu Tongrui/ Huai Ziqi

2019 AP

Fan Qihang Sun Hanzhang Fu Xinyue

What do the bad stepmothers in Disney movies talk about when they get together? Learn from the short musical Tough love!

As a popular choice in this dubbing competition, this selection has a unique melody rhythm and a different idea, and the lyrics themselves are interesting. The three groups of contestants are all open, excellent English pronunciation, beautiful singing, makeup, costumes, props, looks and behavior are all very exquisite. They use their own way to show the unique charm of these villains. The audience shouted: "the stepmothers and witches complain crazily. It sounds so interesting!"

The Little Prince

2019 AP

Wang Shuhuai / Zhao Tianxi

When dubbing for a rose, the soft voice and the delicate tone are in place.

When dubbing for the proud man, they shook their bodies, as if they had become defiant adults in the film. The little prince, the king, the proud man, the rose the fox... They are good at dubbing for every different character. In the rapid switching of roles, we can also accurately grasp the characteristics of different characters, the potential of the two students' voices is amazing, and the ever-changing voice makes people immersed in the fairy tale atmosphere.


2019 AP

He Tianyu /Meng Shuyi

From the innocent conversation between Anna and Elsa when they were making snowmen in their childhood, to the fierce quarrel that broke out because of their misunderstanding, the performance continues to the song Let it Go, which stood on the top of the snowy mountain.

Never be afraid to explore the unknown. Only you can control your life. With the moving songs of the two students, we revisit the strength of courage and the emotion of love.

Beauty and the Beast

2019 A-Level

Zhang Jinyuan /Ren Liu /Hao Shuwen/ Shi Bowen/ Zhao Zhonghao

Beauty and the Beast tells the story of Girl Belle getting along with the prince who was cursed and turned into a beast in order to save her father, and finally triumphed over magic with true love.

This dubbing clip is the first encounter between the Beast Prince and the Princess. For the princess imprisoned by the prince in the castle, escaping from here is her first choice, the quarrel between the princess and the prince, the advice of the teapot and candles, and the prince's final collapse are all interpreted incisively and vividly by the students.

Wreck it Ralph

2018 A-Level

Wang Tianyi / Wang Linhan / Han Yinuo/ Ji Sujia / Liu Yuxin

The charm of the voice continues to ferment. Y12 students brought Wreck it Ralph to life in wonderful clips: valiant Mulan, innocent Snow White, lively and upright Princess Anna.

The vivid dubbing performance reunited the Disney princesses in front of the stage, and in their voices, the audience awakened the dusty childhood memories and realized the beauty of "immersive sound".

The intense and tense game is finished

After being strictly graded by the judges and teachers,

The final result of the English dubbing contest has finally been announced!

Winner List

First Award: The Little Prince 2019 AP

Second Award: Beauty and the Beast 2019 AP

Third Award: Frozen 2019 AP

           The Villains Lair-Tough Love 2019 A-Level

Sharon Yue, The director of JNFLSIC prensent the first prize to students

Peter Zhang, the project heads of JNFLSIC, present the second prize to the students

Bobo, the project heads of JNFLSIC, present the Third prize to the students

Dubbing is a language art

Both interesting and academic

Students combine spoken English with true interpretation

Give the classics a new soul

At the same time of showing yourself

Improve the ability of oral English

It also improves the overall quality of individuals and the ability of teamwork

Let all present feel the charm of language and voice!

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