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Through Time and Space! Follow the Headmaster to "Watch" a Battle Between the Mathematicians !


The ancient and famous "problem of brachistochrone" once sparked a debate in the field of mathematics.

On December 17th, Principal Liu Xinli brought a unique math class to the students from JNFLSIC with the topic "the problem and challenge of brachistochrone". He led them on a journey into the brilliant world of mathematical geniuses hundreds of years ago to explore the true meaning of this problem.

Behind every seemingly ordinary mathematical theorem and formula, is a great deal of long-term elimination and evolution. It is also worth tracing back to the source. From the calculus dispute between Newton and Leibniz to the story of the Bernoulli brothers, Principle Liu described this interesting part of history of mathematics.  Following the footprints of past mathematicians, students have achieved a better understanding of what they are doing and also have a more thorough and in-depth understanding of mathematical knowledge.

"It’s so interesting that those who good at mathematics have their own solutions to the same problem."

"It turns out that the steepest descent line problem has also enhanced people's understanding of physics!"

Learn to think independently from multiple angles.

Experience the connection between mathematics and multidiscipline.

The headmaster's lesson was so intense that the students gained a lot.

"President Liu starts from the perspective of the history of mathematics. Stimulate students' curiosity and curiosity with fascinating mathematical stories. Keep throwing questions. Let the students observe, think, sum up and sum up. Return the class to the students. It is worthwhile for all teachers to study hard. "

Not only the students but also the teachers who came to listen and learn also benefited a lot.

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