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39 gold, 72 silver, 66 bronze! The 2020 UK Mathematics Trust -Senior Mathematical Challenge (UKMT -S


Recently, there has been a lot of good news about competition results, and here’s even more. In the 2020 United Kingdom Mathematics Trust- Senior Mathematical Challenge (UKMT - SMC), 39 students from the International Center of our school won the gold medal, 72 students won the silver medal, and 66 students won the bronze medal, showing good mathematical literacy.

The Senior Mathematical Challenge (SMC) organized by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) is the largest and most influential mathematics competition in the Commonwealth, with more than 500,000 students participating each year worldwide. In the SMC competition, the top 60% of the students in the world can win prizes. The ratio of gold, silver and bronze awards is 1:2:3.

Among them, class of 2019 Han Yuxuan, Ma Ziyong, Xue Wanning, and Zhu Junyi won the Best in School award for their outstanding results. Class of 2020 Wang Zhaoqi and class of 2019 Wang Shunzheng won the Best in Year award.


"The process of carefully preparing for the competition is very rewarding. It not only allows me to consolidate and deepen my original knowledge, but also allows me to acquire a lot of new knowledge, conduct in-depth research, and expand my thinking. Thank you to the teachers in the math group for giving me academic guidance and help!" ------ Han Yuxuan

"During the two years of study, my math teacher helped me develop good study habits and problem-solving habits. For me, this competition is like our daily test, carefully reviewing the questions, answering the questions and checking carefully to show your true level, the score must be proportional to the knowledge you have mastered."----- Xue Wanning

"The result of the SMC is an affirmation of my mathematics study and an encouragement. I will use this as an opportunity to continue my mathematics study and strive to achieve satisfactory results in other competitions!"-Zhu Junyi

Congratulations again! We look forward to more students showing themselves in various competitions!

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