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News Express – The ACT Official Authorized Test Center Has Officially Settled in Our School!


News Express – The ACT Official Authorized Test Center Has Officially Settled in Our School!


On September 21st, the signing ceremony of Jinan Foreign Language School as an official test center authorized by ACT was successfully held in Jinan Foreign Language School International Center, marking the official residence of the ACT course test in Jinan Foreign Language School.


Ms. Zheng Anhua, Global Academic Director of GAC, Mr. Wang Lei, Director of Qingdao ACT-GAC Center, Liu Xinli, President of Jinan Foreign Language School, Jiang Ming, Vice President, Wang Hongmei, member of the School, Sharon Yue , director of the International Center and other leading guests attended the ceremony.


President Liu Xinli introduced the International Center and our school to the guests. According to him, Jinan Foreign Language School International Center is one of the best international programs in Shandong Province. Since its establishment in 2010, it has been committed to cultivating international reserve talents with Chinese foundation, international vision and cross-cultural communication ability.


As one of the most important college entrance exams in the United States, the ACT has been widely recognized by higher education institutions around the world. The cooperation between the two sides will enable students to enjoy a more convenient form of examination. Students can take the ACT official examination directly on campus, thus eliminating the pain of rushing to take the examination and the stress of an unfamiliar examination environment, and creating favorable conditions for students to play their normal roles. We will continue to support each other and cooperate with ACT to provide students with more comprehensive support for further study and make contributions to the application of prospective international students.



Later, Ms. Zheng gave a speech. She introduced the advantages and development prospects of the ACT program. ACT(American College Test) is a qualification test for students who apply for first-year undergraduate courses. It is one of the admission requirements of American universities and an important basis for awarding scholarships. Its scores are recognized by schools in many countries and regions around the world, including the United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. We look forward to the cooperation between the two groups to provide students with convenience in examination, admission and other aspects, and help more students of international programs to apply for well-known overseas schools, so as to make their dreams come true.


At the ceremony, President Liu Xinli and Ms. Zheng Anhua signed a cooperation agreement, and ACT Education Group authorized our school to set up an ACT Course Examination Center, and awarded a certificate and bronze medal.

The establishment of test centers authorized by ACT will help our school provide more high-quality education resources and development platforms for students, constantly improve the level of education and teaching, and help students grow into talents, making their dreams come true!

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