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Ten years of praise---- we are thankful for growing Salute the future on this Teacher's Day


Ten years of praise---- we are thankful for growing

  Salute the future on this Teacher's Day


During the harvest season, the love of teachers is unforgettable.

In this season of Thanksgiving,
The annual Teachers' Day came as promised


On September 10th, The International Center of Jinan Foreign Language School held a grand celebration for the 36th Teacher's Day and an award ceremony for 2019-2020’s Outstanding Teachers.

Principal Liu Xinli, Party Secretary Liu Hanlu, Vice Principal Jiang Ming, Trade Union President Du Haifeng, Vice President Zhang Jiyu, University council member Wang Hongmei, Director Yue Fengmin, and all teachers and students of the International Center gathered to celebrate this wonderful festival.

Students present bouquets to teachers


"Happy Teacher's Day!"
"Dear teacher, Thanks for your hard work!"

Students stand at the sides of the red carpet to welcome teachers

Teachers walk along the red carpet with flowers in their hands,
With warm and happy smiles on their faces.



The students presented flowers to their teachers

Crowned with Glory and Praising Teachers

"Outstanding Teacher", "Outstanding Team", "Special Contribution Award", "Five-year Award"... Each award reflects the noble and moral character of JNFLSIC in education and selfless dedication, and each award demonstrates the remarkable achievements and fruitful achievements made by JNFLSIC in the past year.


Sannie Li, Victor Zhang, Shawn Cui, Danielle Liu, Sean Cheng, Alan Zhao, Andrea Michelle Houston, Amy Wang, Daniel Dong and MAO Yanli were awarded the 2019-2020 Outstanding Teacher of the Year award. President Liu Xinli and Party Secretary Liu Hanlu presented awards to the teachers.



The program heads group and the central office group won the "2019-2020 Outstanding Group". Union President Du Haifeng and Vice President Zhang Jiyu presented awards to the group members.


 Cassey Shen, Micheal Troy Shrode, David Tian , Yang Lishi and Mao Yanli received the "Five-year Staff Award". Liu Hanlu, secretary of the Party Committee, presented awards to the teachers.



At the same time, this year's ceremony also set up a "Special Award of Merit" to thank the teachers for their outstanding contributions to online teaching, school epidemic prevention work and the promotion of intelligent teaching in the International Center during the epidemic. Council member Wang Hongmei and Director of International Center Sharon Yue presented awards to the teachers.


Years of outstanding teachers onto the stage.


Build a dream for ten years, thanks for growing

From 2010 to 2020, this has been the first decade of JNFLSIC. In the past ten years, a total of 868 graduates from the 8th class have graduated from Jinan Foreign Language School International Center and gone on to attend Cambridge University, Columbia University, and other prestigious universities around the world, marching towards their shining ideals and brilliant futures. For the Teachers' Day festivities, alumni representatives sent good wishes to their alma mater in the form of videos.


In the past ten years, such a group of people, adhering to the original educational ideal, with passion, hard work and forging ahead, have guarded and witnessed the growth of JFSLIC. On the scene of the ceremony, Principal Liu Xinli presented the "Ten Years of Merit Award" to five teachers: Sharon Yue; Tony Zhang; Jessie Ma; Leo Zhang; and Ada Hou, to encourage them to keep their perseverance and dedication for ten years as one day.



Regardless of the past ten years

Regardless of the next ten years

No matter how many years in the future

We can all give a deep understanding of education and full loyalty

We can all give the original intention not changed by time and adversity

We give firmness

Give persistence

Give unreserved love and gratitude to you

We feel grateful to you

And grateful for being together

Later, the teachers brought a poem recitation titled “Ten Years” by Miss Weng Qiuping. From the ten-year course to the future prospect, every word reveals the unfaltering educational ideal of all international education personnel.

Never change your original intention, Salute the future



At the ceremony, Principal Liu Xinli gave a wonderful speech. Mr.Liu extended his sincere greetings to the all the staff of the International Center and recognized the achievements of the International Center. He also gave a high degree of recognition, and expressed his sincere hope that the teachers would hold true to the Center’s educational mission, with great concentration on education, to "the Chinese foundation, international vision, cross-cultural communication ability", training more excellent students for society and great achievements!



I can see the destiny                              

You are in my destiny                                 

Nothing will stop me chasing for my dream            

I'll be right there waiting for me (future self).The song I am waiting for you in the Future, which was recomposed by Funly Fan and sung by 40 teachers' representatives, expresses all teachers' beautiful expectations for the future. In this beautiful blessing, we will remember the responsibility of teachers. Keeping our original heart and our ingenuity, we will continue to walk on this hot land, and create the splendor and glory of Jinan Foreign Language School International Center.  

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