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Warm! A letter from the front line


“The small sachets warm the doctors’ hearts, and the letters from the front line send the sincere thoughts of the doctors”


“We received the sachets and the glowing red came into our eyes. I was shocked by the glowing red! On each sachet, there was a golden “Fu” on one side and a flower in bud on the other. I handled them with admiration. They were the hearts of students, teachers and parents.

“As a doctor on the front line, I certainly know the importance of protection during the special time. By wearing anti-plague sachets, there is no doubt that we have added a protective weapon, so that the poison does not invade, and we stay safe.

“After receiving these sachets, all my colleagues praised their beauty and practicality. At this moment, I am proud of JNFLS, and the students and parents of JNFLS! Thank you! Thanks to the school for cultivating students who are warm-hearted, caring, outstanding, and willing to take on any challenge! Thanks to the parents for their erudition and selflessness! Thanks to all levels of school leaders’ care and generosity! We will live up to our nation’s expectations and return safely after the victory over the epidemic! Thank you very much!"

-- Xie Jiqing, member of Shandong Aid Medical Team of Hubei province


Recently, Sun Weijie, Zhang Haoyang of the class 2019 AP program of the International Center, and their warm-hearted parents made a batch of traditional Chinese medicine anti-plague sachets, which were successfully delivered to the medical staff of Shandong medical team who were on the front line of the epidemic resistance.


"You protect the patients, we guard you."

"In this battlefield where there is no smoke, the medical staff are at the forefront of the risk. They protect lives with their lives.

Among them, there are Aunt Men Xuelin, mother of A-Level student Wang Haoran (2018), and Aunt Xie Jiqing, mother of AP student Wang Xueyi (2017). They are heroes, warriors, but also relatives of our big family and our role models of JNFLSIC!

“We'd been thinking about what else we could do for them as high school students, besides paying tribute to the health care workers," said two students.

Sun Weijie’s (A-Level 2019) father is a Chinese medicine expert and a student of Gu Zhishan’s. He put forward the idea that we could make traditional Chinese medicine anti-plague sachets for the frontline staff, The sachets included notopterygium, rhubarb, bupleurum, rhizoma atractylodis, asarum, fructus evodiae. Doctors can wear the sachets on their chests. The herbs, inhaled through the nose and mouth, can refresh the doctors and play a role in the avoidance and elimination of pathogens.

Therefore, under the guidance of Sun Weijie's father, Sun Weijie and Zhang Haoyang started to work immediately. In a few days, they made nearly 300 sachets of traditional Chinese medicine, which were sent to the front line of Hubei province by Zibo Red Cross.



Anti-COVID 19 song

 There is a plague in the start of mouse year,

The outbreak suddenly became turbulent,

The plague outbreak unprecedented,

Cars are sparse among the country,

The white guard listens to the order,

Fight against the plague,

Little sachet for love,

JNFLS is looking forward to your return.

-- Zhang Haoyang's father




Greetings! With sachets, we united against the epidemic. We salute the health workers on the front line.

We only wish this small sachet can give more protection to the soldiers in the front line. We’re looking forward to the day when the heroes overcome the epidemic. Safe return!


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