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Online club | First view of online class, colorful and sincere


It's a different holiday. Since the launch of online club activities of International Center, various student associations have responded positively, and online club activities have been in full swing. Among them, the academic club FBLA Club has carefully organized online macroeconomics courses to lead students to explore professional knowledge to expand academic horizons.


"As early as two weeks ago, a member of our club anxiously contacted us and asked about macroeconomics. It is difficult to understand economics. Reading a lot of textbooks makes people dizzy. Many students do not know where to start. In addition, there is very little time before the AP exam. We hope that through the online activities, we can use the power of the club to provide a platform for students to learn and communicate in this special period and provide everyone with the best possible," the club president, Song Jiarui explained. With the careful organization of the club president and the active participation of the members, FBLA Club successfully carried out several online community courses using video calls and other forms, sharing the learning methods and experience of the macroeconomics course for students.



In addition, Fang Yalei, the vice president, also carefully organized related macroeconomics knowledge and outline examples. These useful resources increased the students' motivation for learning! After the course, the students coached each other in the club’s QQ group, collaborated in learning, and actively prepared for the upcoming AP exam in May.


The meaning of life lies in the mutual illumination of people. Many thanks for the dedication and responsibility of the club leaders in this special period! I hope that in the colorful online club, students can enrich their extracurricular lives, improve themselves, and let their youth be meaningful!

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