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Online Club-- Staying at Home is not a Waste of Time: The Online Community Activities of the Bio-Che


Under the influence of the COVID-19, the start of school has been postponed. In the days when students are at home to prevent the spread of the virus, in order to enrich students' lives outside of online learning, the student organizations of the International Center of Jinan Foreign Language School officially launched the "Online Community Activity Model”, using QQ, WeChat and other network platforms as carriers, and taking the form of online community activities for the autonomous learning of students during this special period.. Let's take a look at this wonderful online community!

During the epidemic, Bio-Chem and the International Center organized and launched a series of biochemical knowledge-sharing activities to impart experience to students and expand academic learning. For the smooth development of online community activities, the presidents of Bio-Chem Biochemical Co., Ltd. repeatedly consulted the outline of the biochemical competition to select topics, and carefully prepared PPT courseware, and successfully carried out "Overview of Botany," "Growth and Regulation of Plants," and online courses such as "Microbiology Overview and Classification", "IGEM Participation Requirements Guide", and "Microbial Culture Substance Preparation Method".


Biology experiment course:

Based on the video, the students introduced the method of making culture medium for microorganisms.


Elaborate PPT Courseware

During the online activities, the president and members of the community continued to interact with each other in the form of video and voice calls. They discussed and studied the key points and difficulties in the course, which greatly stimulated the students' interest and enthusiasm for exploring biochemical knowledge.

Subsequently, Bio-Chem will continue to arrange online courses on zoology to help students prepare for the upcoming British and American Bio-Olympic Competition.

Gather the positive energy of youth and work together to fight the epidemic! Thanks for the joint efforts and dedication of teachers and students in such a special period, I believe that students can not only keep up with the pace and rhythm of online teaching of teachers, learn knowledge, but also broaden their academic horizons through various online community activities. Cultivate hobbies, improve self-management, work on self-development capabilities, and spend a wealth of extracurricular life!


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