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Work Together to Overcome the Virus- JNFLSIC Students Video Relay: Wuhan come on! China will win!


One heart and one mind

Indomitable, invincible

We, hand in hand, heart to heart,

together through difficulties,

 together through the difficult times

I believe China will be able to overcome the epidemic!

Wuhan, we are with you

Bless Wuhan, bless China, we pray for Wuhan

We believe that when the willows sprout in Jinan

Wuhan will be full of flowers! We will win the battle with the Virus!

I would like to express my highest respect to those who are still fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control across the country.

I hope the patients will recover soon and the epidemic will be eliminated soon!

As long as we Chinese people work together,

we can overcome all difficulties and dangers

We believe that today's isolation is for meeting a better tomorrow!

Wuhan come on! China come on!


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