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Learning Without Stopping | China Curriculum Group: Spend The Same Sweat, Grow As You Gain


Dear students, since February 10th, our online class has been going on smoothly for three days. What is your harvest?

The American writer Leo Buscaglia wrote in his book, A Leaf Falling Down: "Alfred has become a dark yellow, Ben has become a shiny orange. Claire has become a fire red.” Why do we change to different colors in autumn? Because "our experiences are different. The way we face the sun is different." Students, in a special period, perseverance and self-discipline are more precious. "Only struggle for the day and night, and do not let your youth down.” Efficient online learning requires careful listening in class, grasping the focus of the teacher's lectures, thinking carefully after class, and actively development and practice. Of course, the teacher hopes that you can cultivate a healthy learning lifestyle combining study and rest, especially in such a special period. Improving immunity is the best way to prevent diseases, and proper diet and physical exercise are the best ways to enhance physical fitness. Good health and learning are the expectations of teachers.

The winter vacation of 2020 is destined to leave indelible pain and emotion in the memory of every Chinese. In the face of the menacing epidemic, there were no outside observers or outsiders, and 1.4 billion compatriots came together to fight the "epidemic". Teachers on the front line of education support Wuhan in a persistent manner and serve the country.

Teacher Mao YanLi not only takes care of the sick elderly, but also makes plans for the study of senior high school children. Additionally, she still continuously learns various online teaching software to strictly ensure the effectiveness of the classroom. Yang LiSi, NiNa, Lv HongYan are discussing the software's use function estimates in various situations that students may encounter and troubleshooting them. They also give suggestions to each other during the lectures, and strive to present the perfect classroom setting for the students. After the online classroom learning, teachers use QQ, WeChat, etc. The platform publishes homework, timely reviews, timely feedback, online counseling, and helps students answer their questions. Do not forget the original intention and responsibility of education, including ethics education: this is the most important mission of a teacher.

As students, I believe that everyone can dare to take responsibility while inspiring themselves with the most beautiful "retrograde" story, to establish ambitious, down-to-earth and unremitting efforts, to grow into the pillars of society in the future, to create a good family, and to take responsibility.

Students, the difficulty will eventually pass. When the spring blooms, we will laugh together to the sun and gather in class. We believe that at that time, you will definitely have brighter and more determined faces, and you will surely meet a better day!

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