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Club Fair


Club Fair(图1)

Yesterday, JNFLSIC club recruitment promotion meeting was successfully held in front of the dome building, more than 20 old and new clubs attended, include practical services, academic research, entertainment and art, sports and culture, with the coming of September, JNFLSIC club has injected a new group of inspiration.


Some amazing moments of the clubs

Club Fair(图2)

Biochemistry club

If you are interested in biology and chemistry, want to understand the rules of the world, or plan to devote yourself to biochemistry research area in the future, to explore new frontiers of science, and bravely step into the unknown areas that no one has ever researched, then welcome you join JNFLSIC Biochemistry club.

Club Fair(图3)

Debate Club

Debate club is one of the oldest clubs in JNFLSIC. This year, the club has set up a debate club in cooperation with NSDA. Its members will be able to enjoy more professional Debate and Judge training from NSDA, and improve the student’s ability of debate and English expression in all respects.

Club Fair(图4)


Symposium is a profit-making organization founded by Columbia University in 2013. It is to share western and eastern classical works in the form of reading salons, aims to cultivate participants’ critical thinking ability and understanding of different cultures in the background of globalization. The establishment of JNFLSIC has been authorized and supported by the main planner of the Symposium China district.   Six students who participated in Symposium camp this year then developed and established this club. It will provide a platform for students to read and collide with ideas.

Club Fair(图5)

Astronomy Club

We have no lofty academic atmosphere, no obscure lectures, no any shortcoming or deficiencies of traditional astronomy.  Colorful activities will lead you through the door and to discover the mystery of the stars.

Club Fair(图6)

Elevate Club

We have the best team! All original members are splendid, include FBLA Shandong Province President, Vice President; NEC Top 10, Outstanding persons at GPA, TOEFL, and IELTS.

Club Fair(图7)

History Club

History Club was founded and inherited by students of JNFLSICand has a great tradition. There has not only rich presentation, the collision of ideas, but also a harmonious environment for academic exchanges. Maybe you never find a friend with the same mind, ever felt lonely, and maybe you know about history very well. Those who are interested in history, philosophy, art, or any a humanities subject, no matter you are the fan of China history, Western history, Ancient history, Modern history, War history or Art history, no matter you are a fan of Literature and World war II, Water Pipe or Oil Paints, welcome you join us!


Club Fair(图8)

Chess Club

As one of the four major international chess in the world, chess is an ideal sport competition items integrating strategy and technology. According to the statistics, about 60% of English-speaking countries know about chess. Hence, we hope to guide some knowledge of chess to help students get more opportunities to communicate with international friends. Also, one more benefit about chess is that you can learn one new sport, and can also enrich your extracurricular life, get one more topic in your spare time.

Club Fair(图9)

Psychology Club

The daily activities of the Psychology club will expand with various knowledge, will help you understand the application of psychological knowledge everywhere in your life. At the same time, we can use a magical perspective to analyze everybody expression and subliminal actions. We added some magical experimental this year, aims to let everyone feel the fun.

Club Fair(图10)

Oral Club

The oral club has been divided into four departments, included the speech department, dubbing department, OU academy, NBA Report department.

Every department has two responsible men. Students can choose their favorite department according to their interests.

Speech department: Watch celebrity lecture, TED Talk… to learn speech skills. As we all know, speech is a necessary skill for each of us. Learn how to speak, enhance self-confidence and be a future leader.

Dubbing Department: Do you want Native American and British English? If you do, the dubbing department is undoubtedly your best choice. When you watch classic movies and listen to the music of Europe and the United States, can learn correct pronunciation skills (Swallowing, Blasting). The only one between you and foreign brothers and sisters is fluent English.

OU Academy: Include several subjects: History, Economy, Philosophy, Sociology, CS…. We cooperated with many clubs, explore many different fields. Also, the Academy provides a new activity-Game Interaction, Interesting Video, and American British current affairs and politics, which can not only enrich student’s knowledge but also broaden their international vision.

NBA Report Department: What could be cooler than watching a game with the foreign teacher and learning from each other?

Come to the Oral English Club; there are many colorful activities and Professional Training.

Club Fair(图11)

Computer Club

Computer Club mainly explains computer language. They ever coded in python, used the command line, and sent commands to the console on Google Chrome to change the original web page. At the same time, we will attend the Canadian Computing Competition. Our main members won the top 2% and 25% in the 2018 Waterloo Computer Competition. We also won the second prize in the 2018 Jinan Maker Competition. Hope to be interested in computer students join us!

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