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Cui Xiaowen

Counselor in the International Center

Jinan Foreign Language School is a calling card of Jinan's education system. In the past, as a student looking forward to entering JNFLS, I always took the campus and advanced foreign language teaching as a noble thing. Now as a teacher, I feel the mission is tough. How to support these excellent students has become a problem that I began to think about on the first day of my employment.

If a worker wants to do his work well, he must sharpen his tools. The teacher's "tool", first, is rich professional knowledge.  I gradually find that the job of counselor is more than the accumulation of knowledge and fixed content. With the improvement of my professional knowledge, I also became a language counselor, an academic counselor, a psychological counselor and even an activity counselor.

The second "tool" is a serious and responsible attitude for every student.  In my eyes, they are a group of young children who need the help of adults, and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I help these kids.

International Center

Bilingual chemistry teacher

He Yanfang

Time flies. I have been working in JNFLS International Center for ten years. As a chemistry teacher, I like my major and love my job. In the past ten years, I have cultivated many excellent international talents. From textbooks and exam syllabus to teach effectively, I prepared and attended lectures repeatedly every day, and reflected from the perspective of students after class.

Every year, JNFLS International Center attracts many excellent students from the whole province. To help them receive the offer from top universities, I let them study and think in a deeper level. I still remember the application of Jin Dongyu, the outstanding graduate of the A-level program admitted by Cambridge University. Outside of class, I encouraged him to study AP Chemistry to expand his knowledge level, and set a goal for him, which laid a solid foundation for him to pass the written examination and interview successfully.


International Center

Bilingual physics teacher

Jia Zhenji

I have been working in JNFLS for five years. The rigorous and open, inclusive style in here constantly urges me to enrich myself. As a teacher in JNFLS, I deal with students who have different academic needs, and simple class knowledge cannot meet the requirements of students. Only by broadening my knowledge and delving deeply into the subject can I give students better guidance. The students in JNFLS are not only talented, but also full of innovative spirit. As teachers, we must stand higher and look further to become the guide for students. Learning and growing together with students is the greatest wealth that JNFLS brings to me!

International Center

English teachers

LI Juan

My name is Li Juan. I started to work in JNFLS International Center in 2001. I am the program head of AP and a TOEFL English teacher. In the past 20 years, I have made my own contribution to the development of JNFLS and witnessed my own professional growth.

I always pay attention to the cultivation of moral education and values, adhering to moral education. As a program head, I have a morning meeting every day, a class meeting every week, a parent meeting every month, and a five-way interview with parents and students every semester. I have prepared carefully for each meeting.

In the past 20 years, I have participated in the lecture-telling and high-quality class selection activities of Shandong Province 6 times and won the first prize at municipal and provincial levels. In 2011, I became one of the qualified teachers of JNFLS. In 2015, I taught the English teachers' advanced training class. From 2015 to 2019, I served as the instructor of distance study for English teachers in Jinan. From 2016 to 2019, I served as the host of workshops in Jinan. Since 2013, I have worked in the International Center, and my students have received more than 300 offers from the United States and Canada. Graduates of mine have been admitted by the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, UCB, UCLA and other top 30 universities in the United States, and the scholarships have accumulated more than 50,000 US dollars. The class I taught won the school-level excellent class 5 times and was rated as a Jinan excellent class.

I am lucky with leaders’ support and encouragement of colleagues. I am also lucky with these talented children.

Thank you all.



International Center

Bilingual Economics Teacher

Luan Wei

  It has been two years since I came to work in the International Center of Jinan Foreign Languages School. After two years of teaching, I have developed into a qualified teacher. As a teacher in the International Center, I need to combine the traditional Chinese education and methods with those of the west. I need to encourage students to think, to cultivate students' innovative spirit, and to help them prepare for the life overseas. In addition to pursuing academic achievements, holistic education should also be pursued, which focuses on students' personal character development. The teacher is the embodiment of knowledge, and the guide of students on the road of life.

As a teacher, I need try my best to shape every pure heart.


International Center

Geography teacher


In September 2007, I realized my life’s dream and took on the responsibility of my future. I became a geography teacher in a middle school. After more than ten years of training, my classroom can be democratic, can be individual, can be cooperative, can be innovative. In addition, I also hold activities of "Love Geography, Love Life and Love Hometown", cultivate students' good habits, guide students to use and draw mind-maps, and use good learning tools to improve academic performance.

International  Center

Bilingual math teacher

Zhang Haohan

"Ms. Zhang, why did you choose to return to foreign language for teaching?"

As a graduate of Jinan Foreign Language School, I was asked this question by students, and my answer is -- the power of example.

When I first came to JNFLS, my math scores were not excellent. In the second semester of the first year of junior high school, we had a new math teacher. The smiling face and patience of this teacher helped many students who were not so good in math that year. The positive energy I felt from him prompted me to love math and become a math teacher.

The power of example is infinite, and I want to pass on that power.

At sixteen or seventeen, children are good at imitation. For students, examples have great influence and can make students change their understanding and improve their ability of self - evaluation. You see, education is a meaningful thing, and there is nothing more charming than the teachers’ personalities.


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