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JNFLS Students Participated in NAQT for the first time, and won the Gold Award!


On July 18, 2021, NAQT (National Academic Quiz Tournament) in China ended at the experimental school affiliated to Nanjing Normal University. Seventy nine teams from all over the country participated in this wonderful competition. Four teams from the International Curriculum Center of Jinan Foreign Language School competed with excellent results. The specific award information is as follows:

The schedule of competition is divided into primary and final stages. In the primary stage, about 45% of the teams are selected according to the victory and defeat points through 7-8 duels, and then the final champion is selected according to the knockout competition system. Among them, the Strawberries & Cigarette team composed of Wang Junxi, Sun Han, Liu Yimin and Qiao Jingwei entered the final with a 7-0 victory in the primary and then won the gold medal.

Introduction of NAQT

NAQT is an interdisciplinary knowledge competition with the highest recognition, the largest number of participants and the largest scale in the world. The history of knowledge quiz can be traced back to 1953. The world's top universities have invested a lot of money to support students' participation every year, making the project gradually become a cultural tradition. Therefore, it is called super bowl of the mind! Globally, more than 40,000 students form teams to participate in this competition at the high school level alone every year. The scope of NAQT includes 11 kinds of academic knowledge that students need to master, such as mathematics, history, and popular culture. The annual finals include six levels of junior high school, high school and university, etc. Therefore it can be called an Academic Olympics .

Process of Competition

First, there is a 45 minute round of academic dueling. After the two teams of players are in place, the presiding officer starts to read out the questions (each question is composed of two parts: individual answer and team answer). When reading out the individual answer part (tossup), the players can answer by pressing the buzzer. If the answer is correct, the team will win a higher bonus opportunity. After reading all the questions, the team with the highest score wins.


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