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1_I Speak on Behalf of JNFLSIC- From parents view


From parents’ view:

A-level program in the first year

Father of Li Runxin:

 I heard of Jinan Foreign Language School when my son finished the middle school entrance exam. At that time we had already chosen a key high school in Qingdao. I didn't know where my son got the information, but he asked me to apply to the Jinan Foreign Language School for him.  As a father, I did not think too much, only knew Jinan Foreign Language School is one of the 17 foreign language schools in China authorized by the Ministry of Education to recommend students directly to key universities. I felt it would be very beneficial for my son's development. Therefore, after he passed the middle school entrance examination, my son was successfully enrolled in JFLS.      

I did not feel any obvious changes at first. My son kept the state of primary school, with active thinking and increased personal hobbies. Although the homework is more intense than in primary school, the arrangement is still in good order. There is not much pressure in homework, but discipline is stricter than before. When he finished middle school, my son told me that he would continue to study in JNFLS.  At that time, I wondered why my son chose JNFLS again. My son just said, "I like the atmosphere there".  Due to traveling a lot for business, I didn't have much time to educate my kid.  I didn't know much about the environment and education in JNFLS.  It was only when he reached high school that I realized how much I owe to my child.

So, when I am available, I attend the parents' meeting, and then I realize the reason. Parents' meeting in JNFLS has its own unique character. For example, when communicating about a child's academic and usual performance, the program heads and tutoring teachers will participate: they will comment on each child one by one , and talk to parents face to face.  In this situation, their role is not only teachers, but more like friends who stand in the perspective of the children to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.  Children can also be honest about their own shortcomings and the direction they want to work in. The whole process is not rigorous, and the atmosphere of dialogue is relaxed, so that children can say what they really feel. It is a state of peace, trust, and tolerance.  The school pays great attention to the cultivation of children's comprehensive qualities and personalities. My son's academic performance is also becoming more excellent. He often takes the initiative to get up early to study, and his attitude of learning has changed significantly.  

Beyond the class, my son joined the news agency and took an active part in the public welfare activities organized by the school. He took photos, arranged, and produced all the activities organized by the class full of confidence. The relationship with other classmates is also very good. He often formed various teams, participated in the school-organized domestic and international professional competitions, and won many awards. My son told me: a person's success is not success, while the success of the team is the biggest success! My heart is filled with joy when I see my child growing up. 

Tao Xingzhi, a famous educator, once put forward three goals for school education: To acquire knowledge; To have a scientific spirit; To transform the environment of education. We must have an aesthetic conception; deal with the situation and have a noble moral cultivation! JNFLS dedicates itself to nurturing the growth and excellence of every student, and aims at cultivating student with Chinese roots, developing global awareness and providing a cross-culture communicative experience. This not only conforms to the trend of social development, but also matches the interests of children and parents' expectations. This is Jinan Foreign Language School in my eyes!

AP program in the first year

Mother of Huang Lei:

  Time flies and my daughter finished her second semester of the first year. Compared with general education in primary and junior high schools, international education is quite different, including boarding, selection of course, ability of English learning, time planning, work of clubs and student union, etc. This not only enriches the campus life of children, but also exercises their ability. 

In this year, my child's communication ability has been improved. She got a good score of 105 at the TOEFL. The work of Student Union improved her ability, and excellent alumni also set a good example for her.  Looking back on this year, our parents also learned a lot, and gradually let my child do more things by herself. No child is perfect, and I know that children grow up through making mistakes and then improving themselves.

Thank you, International Center and hard-working teachers!

AP program in the first year 

Mother of Wang Junxuan:

As a member of the parent committee, I participated in various activities organized by the school and witnessed the changes and growth of children. The first year of high school is the starting point for children to be mature. 

  Teachers in JNFLS not only let children acquire knowledge, but also help them to establish a correct world view, life view and values. Of course, there is also the child's own endeavor. At first, my daughter didn't adapt to life in the high school, and she did not do a good job with time management. It is the teacher's guidance that makes her find her own way of learning. Others may not think it is a big deal, but for me, these are the treasures in my life.

AP program in the second year

Mother of Xing Mengqi:

As a parent, I am very satisfied with the education of the school and very grateful for the hard work of its teachers. That my daughter can meet such good teachers, and in such a good environment, makes me feel very satisfied. Under the encouragement of teachers, my daughter gradually finds her own way of learning.

   Program heads will stimulate the wisdom in a child's brain. Now, my daughter is determined to be enrolled in famous schools around the world. This is the training result of teachers!

I can't express my gratitude for the hard work of teachers in Jinan Foreign Language School. I wish all the best to the teachers and the school!

A-level program in the third year

Mother of Zhuang Quanqi:

From 2018 to 2021, three years passed quickly. Over the past three years, we have always been delighted with our child's continuous growth and progress. Today, this young man has a broadened vision with high aspirations, confidence, and courage to pursue dreams in the future. At the same time, he has also achieved excellent results. Currently, he has received offers from two well-known schools, including Imperial College and London College University.

I was lucky enough to send my child to the International Center three years ago. We noticed the school's advanced methods of teaching, good leadership, and management. Teachers in JNFLS are conscientious and practice "boundless in humanity, endless in experience " and the school philosophy of "devote to nurturing growth and excellence."

 I'd like to say thanks to all the leaders and teachers! I wish everyone good health and happiness, and I wish every child in JNFLS grows up happily. I also wish this school could be even more outstanding with a promising future!

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