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Students from JNFLS International Center won the 2021 Semifinal Ivy Cup


In the spring semifinals of 2021 Ivy Cup International English Contest, students from Jinan Foreign Language School International Center won the National Silver Award, National Bronze Award and National Honorable Mention Award.

2021 Ivy Cup International English Contest

spring semifinal (National) Winning List


National Silver Award  CHEN Beiyang

National Bronze Award  BAO Rong

National Bronze Award  SUN Hanzhang

National Honorable Mention Award  LIU Tongrui




Ivy Cup International English Contest (Ivy Cup) is sponsored by the Ivy International Events Committee of the United States and Ivy International Events of Hong Kong. IVY CUP, as an annual English competition with a long history, wide influence and global reputation, inherits the excellence of the IVY League in competitive and cooperative innovation.

For semi-finals and finals of the winning player will get the corresponding certificates levels of ESL international language using ability issued by Ivy

international tournament organizing committee, won the gold medal finals will be in the asia-pacific region "American famous cultural academic exchange" east coast trip for free and have access to the famous university of America as "seed" admission interview to apply for the opportunity. .



The competing speech



Speaking English has not always been an advantage for Chinese students, but the speech and quiz contest greatly stimulated my speaking potential. I was able to answer fluently in front of the judges, won unanimous praise, and finally had the honor to win the National Silver award and qualify for the Asia-pacific Finals, which was a great opportunity. At the same time, if we want to have excellent English eloquence, it is far from enough to confine ourselves to TOEFL. We must pay attention to the changes in the world and international events, so that we have sufficient knowledge reserve, because only when we truly understand the world pattern can we rule the world in the future! Just as the goal of JNFLS International Center: to cultivate versatile talents with Chinese foundation and international vision!

——2019 AP Class CHEN Beiyang


Eloquence has always been the decisive factor to move others, stir others up and even lead others. Let's hope all students can gain something from this competition and create another brilliant performance in the Asia Pacific Finals in August!


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