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Youth has "drama" -- look at us!


Youth has "drama" -- look at us!


"Light and shadow tell growth, and the world is shown at the stage". On February 17, the second The Insiders Drama Festival of JNFLSIC was held in the school auditorium.


Guests including Niu Yan, Deputy Secretary of Shandong Theatre, Liu Xiaodong, Secretary General of Future Star Foundation, Li Jun, Principal of Jinan Yuying Middle School, Guo Longgang, Principal of Jinan Experimental Middle School, Zhang Yongmei, Principal of Jinan Yuxiu Middle School, Feng Xiaoqing, Principal of Jinan Quanjing Middle School, Gao Hongyan, Principal of Longding Experimental School of Lixia District, and Wang Yiou, director of Shandong University Affiliated High School, as well as the school leadership, representatives of students' parents and all teachers and students of the International Center gathered together to enjoy the charm of drama.


Lin Baolei, principal of Jinan Foreign Language School, delivered an opening speech for the event. He stated  that drama, as an important part of human culture, conveys people's thinking, pursuit and imagination of freedom and happiness, as well as comfort, enrichment, and inspiration to the soul with unique and comprehensive artistic means. I hope that students can actively explore the world of drama, taste aesthetic culture, accumulate humanistic literacy in the drama festival activities, and constantly perform their own splendor on the big stage of life.

Drama is like a mirror through which we see ourselves and illuminate the world. On the stage, students tell touching stories through live characters.




"Her clean face seemed to have been born only a minute ago". "Oh, Xiangxue" brought the classic stories in the textbook onto the stage. The story of the naive and optimistic girls in the mountain village, represented by Xiang Xue, sent out the temperature of life and the brilliance of humanity, which moved every audience present.


When there is a distance between dreams and reality, will you choose to stick to your dreams or face reality? The English musical La La Land, composed by love and dreams, conveys the pursuit of dreams and love, telling us that love is an eternal star, a perfect soul, an inexhaustible fire, and an inexhaustible sun.



Six strangers were put into a "mental hospital" without preparation. To get themselves out of the mental hospital, they did everything they could, and a series of ridiculous things happened. In the end, they also re-examine themselves and find their true self. "The Insanity" is a black humorous drama with tears in laughter and a mixture of love and hate.




The chat in WeChat/QQ, the hot search on Weibo, the short video on TikTok, the late-night emo of Netease Cloud, and "another five minutes" repeatedly, how much of your time has been stolen by your mobile phone? "Where Time Goes" brought laughter to the audience with witty lines and humorous performances and led to the thinking that "those who despise time will eventually be crushed by time".


"You will be found", the English musical "Dear Evan Hansen", brought by the students from the International Department of Shandong Experimental Middle School, tells the story of a boy's reconciliation with himself, and is also a series of stories about loneliness, tenderness and love triggered by a letter and a lie.


Who led me to start again, and the idea of justice sublimated again. "Piazza Pletta" is adapted from the real events in Fontana Square. The plot is ups and downs, gripping, and instantly draws the audience into Italy in 1969. The emergence of conflicts, the emotional interpretation of actors and the multiple transformation of scenes show the unique charm of drama.




The excellent performance of the students has won the hearts of the audience and won the recognition of experts. The special guest Ms. Niu Yan, Deputy Secretary of Shandong Theatre, gave professional comments on the performances and works of the students. She said that the performance showed the drama culture of different countries and regions, and the wonderful performance condensed the talent and sweat of every member of the crew. The students not only got the success of this performance, but also laid a solid foundation for their future development.


Liu Hanlu, secretary of the party committee, issued a letter of appointment to Ms. Niu Yan. Thank Ms. Niu Yan for her professional guidance and help to the students.




Convey love and light up hope. Vice President Jiang Ming and Ms. Liu Xiaodong, Secretary-General of the Rising Star Foundation, unveiled the launching ceremony of the "JNFLS Dream Fund". The establishment of the Fund will better support students who are talented and enthusiastic to participate in public welfare activities and spread the positive energy of warmth and love on a broader stage.


At the scene, the students also sent flowers to their alma mater teachers in primary and junior high schools to thank their teachers for their careful training and education.


A wonderful drama festival will bring more than simple drama performances to the students. What’s more, they have showed their elegant demeanor in the drama festival, experienced all kinds of things in the world, realized the artistic charm of drama, and wrote new life stories. At the same time, it also affects more people who need help.



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