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JNFLS Ambitious Youth | Being admitted to New York University, she was awarded as the first outstanding graduate of "Tao Li Tang" in Changqing Experimental Primary School!


JNFLS Ambitious Youth | Being admitted to New York University, she was awarded as the first outstanding graduate of "Tao Li Tang" in Changqing Experimental Primary School!

"I am very happy to return to my alma mater with this achievement, and I am also honored to be the first resident of the Tao Li Tang." On February 15, Zhuang Zhitong, a graduate of the 2023 AP program of the International Center of our school, was awarded as the first outstanding graduate of the Tao Li Tang' by Changqing Experimental Primary School.



"Congratulations to Zhuang Zhitong on being admitted to New York University!" At the scene, Wang Jinchi, principal of Changqing Experimental Primary School, awarded Zhuang Zhitong the honorary certificate of "excellent graduates of Tao Li Tang". It is reported that the "Tao Li Tang" of Changqing Experimental Primary School is specially set up to commend outstanding graduates, which aims to set an example for outstanding graduates and encourage primary school students to follow their examples.


New York University ED admission: What really drives your growth is the unknown knowledge


NYU (New York University) is one of the world's top private research universities and one of the twenty-five new Ivy League universities. According to statistics, New York University, as the top 30 universities in the United States, is bound to be among the top three schools in the list of schools chosen by mainland students, and the fierce competition for applying to NYU is also evident.


In the application season of 2023, Zhuang Zhitong successfully received the early admission (ED) of environmental science major of New York University. “When I was a child, I went hiking in the suburbs, went fishing, climbed mountains, and grew plants at home by myself. The experience of being close to nature imperceptitiously cultivated my awareness of paying attention to the ecological environment and protecting wildlife. I am curious about environmental science and want to explore more unknown knowledge. After entering high school, I had a deeper understanding of the university and my major through counselors courses, which ultimately contributed to my decision to apply for the environmental science major of New York University."


Since then, the direction of her efforts became clearer. "Zhuang Zhitong has a strong thirst for knowledge and ambition in learning." said Liu Zeyu, an AP Environmental Science teacher of International Center. "She is always active in discussing subject knowledge with teachers and often designs and completes experiments to verify what she has learned in class. In her spare time, Zhuang also serves as the president of the Environmental Science Club of International Center, leading the members to learn cutting-edge knowledge of environmental science, and discuss environment-related documentaries and environment-friendly architecture."


Behind excellence is persistent self-discipline

"Every morning, she is almost the first one to arrive at the classroom to start the morning reading. Even numerous times, because it was too early to open the classroom door, she sat quietly in the public study area, reciting English words. Carefulness, down-to-earth quality and highly self-discipline are the most authentic portrayal of Zhuang Zhidong’s monitor, she has set a very good example for the collective." said Li Juan, the program head.




The more disciplined people are, the more they know what they really want and really use their fragmented time to grow themselves. In her spare time, Zhuang Zhitong actively carried out professional development. She won the second prize in the "Environmental Marathon", the world's largest high school science and engineering competition with the theme of environmental protection; She won the third prize in the Australian Science Olympiads Earth and Environment (ASOE). In addition, she also participated in the scientific research project of sustainable development and published a paper on biodiversity conservation and tourism development of Siwang Island in Indonesia under the guidance of her professor.


Unlock the other side of outstanding students: enjoy sports and transcend themselves.


The acquaintance between Zhuang Zhitong and sports can be traced back to time in primary school. She began basketball training at the age of seven, which made her feel the dopamine pleasure brought by exercise. After that, 8 years of swimming training experience, 5 years of table tennis training experience, football, shot put, sprint, marathon... This girl who loves sports, began to challenge various sports, unlock one new skill after another. The runner-up of Jinan Women's Basketball Championship, the runner-up of Jinan Youth Sports Meeting, the fourth place of Shandong Provincial Basketball Championship, the champion of women's 100 meters in the school sports meeting, the champion of shot put... Zhuang participated in various competitions and won many awards.


"It started as a way to develop better physical and mental fitness," said Zhuang Zhitong,"But later, during the training and competitions, I fell in love with sports. It not only brought me joy when I won the competition, but also taught me to respect the team, respect the rules, learn to control emotions, and become more self-disciplined. Just like the mini marathon held by the International Center every year, I would sign up for it. During this process, I realized the spirit of perseverance, tenaciousness, challenge, and self-breakthrough. Different sports give me different things, but in general, sports -- it makes me love life and enjoy life more."

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