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Back-to-school season丨Student Assembly——Live up to your ambitions and youth!


Back-to-school seasonStudent Assembly——Live up to your ambitions and youth

Spring is coming and a lot of wonderful things will happen in spring.

A new chapter has begun.

With longing and hope,

We set sail.


On February 5th, the International Center of Jinan Foreign Language School organized an assembly for all students.


"If the youth is ambitious, the country will be ambitious, and if the youth is strong, the country will be strong." At the meeting, Sharon Yue, director of the International Center, made a focused on a theme of sharing, by encouraging students to take responsibility, know themselves and decide in the new semester, with meet the challenges with a high-spirited attitude, enjoy growth and serve the homeland!


Tony Zhang, deputy director of the International Center, shared the standardized scores of each grade and the upcoming exam arrangements, reminding students to find the right goal, plan reasonably, improve themselves and make continuous progress in the new semester. He shared the opening messages from the family committee of all grades and conveyed their parents' ardent expectations and full love for the students. He hopes that the students will be more self-disciplined and confident, love life more and strive to pursue their dreams bravely.


Countless days and nights of training have created a number of outstanding students. Lily Tian, Deputy Director of the International Center, read out the list of outstanding awards in the first semester of 2022-2023. Awards such as "academic excellence", "starlight students", "discipline learning pacesetter" and "outstanding student union department" are both commendation and encouragement. I hope that students will learn from good examples, pursue excellence, and forge ahead towards a higher goal!





May the students have ideals and lofty ambitions, Live up to time and forge ahead!

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