Installing Chinese Roots, Developing Global Awareness, and Providing a Cross-culture Commutative Experience.

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Jinan foreign language school is a unique school based upon foreign language development. Over the years, the school has developed foreign language techniques, such as multi-lingual, multi-classes, small classes, using original textbooks, teaching in English, adapting foreign teaching principles, promoting classification and multidimensional testing. A large number of talents, with good foreign language ability and all-around development, are successfully cultivated here for the future of our society.

As we entered the twenty-first Century, a great variety of internationalized talents are much more needed, which means new and higher standards within the educational process and the pattern of basic education. Meanwhile, the acting of the Outline of National Medium and Long Term Educational Reform and Development Plan and the promotion of the new curriculum reform in senior high school provides new opportunities and space for the exploration of International Education. The introduction of A-LEVEL, AP and other international courses in our school is to conform with this trend.

The opening of international curriculum aims to cultivate the talents with Chinese traditional foundation and international vision. It can be regarded as a preparatory course for studying abroad, but its significance and value are not limited to this. International curriculum is a new growth pole of new connotation and comprehensive benefit of our school’s brand, which builds a curriculum platform for students in the domestic high school to enjoy international high-quality educational resources and It also provides the necessary conditions for students development, condenses their studies so that they can graduate and go on to the next level. At the same time, it makes it possible that Chinese and foreign high school curriculum resources make comparison and complement each other. Therefore, the opening of international courses is an exploration of the process in optimizing education and creating new educational developments.

It should be seen that the international curriculum is still a new thing for education in Shandong province, and its opening is not only a challenge to the school, but also to the teachers and students. Over the last two years, we have been delighted to see that we are approaching the original goal of curriculum design step by step through the hard work of both teachers and students.

New curriculum, new challenges, new opportunities, and new development, let us take a new pace with full of anticipation , our students will fly towards their dreams and open up a new and exciting chapter of their lives.

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